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Jrny is preparing to launch!

Join us on our mission to build the bridge between renting and owning a home

Join us on our mission to build the bridge between renting and owning a home

Young adults in Britain (and elsewhere) are facing an unprecedented homeownership crisis, with the idea of owning a home becoming increasingly out-of-reach for renters. According to polling conducted by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities, 90% of Britons share the dream of owning their own home, yet a staggering 60% believe that they will never be able to. With the Help-to-Buy scheme phasing out in 2023 and no viable alternative solution available to first-time buyers, we believe that the housing market is in need of a disruptive solution to the growing crisis of home ownership.

Jrny is launching a novel accelerated ownership model which allows you to participate in the upside of the home!. We allow reluctant renters to lock-in their dream home today. Jrny is designed to help you save for a deposit, improve your credit score and simplify access to homeownership for self-employed or gig economy workers. As an added benefit, we take the purchase process completely off your hands and let you act as an all-cash buyer, potentially materializing a favourable valuation and a quicker time to completion!

The journey with us is simple. You pick your dream home from established channels (such as Rightmove or Zoopla), which we vet against our criteria. If accepted, we agree a ‘Jrny Plan’, where all the terms of the tenancy are transparent from day-1. The lease allows you to rent your dream home from us now, with the option to buy the house back at a the end of the lease. All you need to do before you move-in, is to make a move-in contribution of 2% of the purchase price, which we'll add to your Jrny Wallet. During the lease, you pay market-rate rent, as well as Equity Contributions. The Equity Contributions you pay are based on 1% of the home value at entry. For example, if the home was bought for £300k, 1% would be £3,000. So you would pay £250 per month ontop of rent for the entire life of the tenancy. This amount is fixed and doesn't change during your tenancy. Each year you'll earn 1% in Equity Credits in your Jrny Wallet. At the end of the lease, you can convert your Equity Credits into a deposit to buy the home or cash them out at full value. Our plan lets you build wealth while renting!

We’re getting everything up-and-running, to start supporting aspiring homeowners with the first home purchases in mid 2023! Register your interest here to stay up-to-date or contact us directly with any questions at info@joinjrny.com . At Jrny, our mission is to bridge the gap between renting and owning a home!

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