Your journey home.

Lock-in a home of your choice today, let us take care of the buying process, make your monthly payments and prepare to be a homeowner in as little as 3-years.

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How does Accelerated Ownership work?


Get approved

The process begins with a short application to see if you're eligible to join the programme. If you are, you'll get a 'Hunting Licence' from us.

get approved


Find your dream home

Find a home using a channel of your choice, guided by the home criteria we provide in the ‘Hunting License’.

You can then design your own plan that suits your requirements!

find your dream home


We buy it for you

Our funding partners will make an all-cash offer on your behalf, negotiate the best possible price, whilst still maximizing your chances of success.

We take care of the purchase process together with our funding partners, allowing you to focus on your move.

all-cash offer buy


Rent and save to ownership

Move-in to your dream home, pay rent and make Equity Savings contributions. When you’re ready, buy the home off of our funding partner, and become a homeowner, or move out while keeping your savings! While you live in the home, you can treat it as if you own it.

If you buy the home off of us, we top-up your Equity Savings account by 15%!

rent and save ownership

What is your Jrny budget?

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