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It's a story we all know

We know all about the pain of the frustrated renters - having been there ourselves. It's a story most of us stuck in generation rent are familiar with. We created Jrny to rewrite the housing market narrative and to give fellow frustrated renters a happier ever after.

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Your journey is our journey

Hey everyone!

We, the team at Jrny, are a group of aspiring owners who are sick of wasting our money on rent and learnt the hard way that homeownership simply isn't accessible to most young people!

We know we're not alone - today, about half of those under 35 get help from the bank of mum and dad for their first home. What about those of us who can't rely on that? Too often, the answer is simple: get left behind as a renter or make big sacrifices to get on the ladder.

We think both options are unacceptable and are convinced that we need a new model of housing that works for our generation. Our mission is simple: to create a new system where you get many perks of owning with the flexibility of renting. If ownership suits you, Jrny helps gradually prepare you. And if not? Just leave… wealthier than you came.

We're so excited to create this new model with all your support. We've already processed over £1 billion worth in applications from all of England & Wales (and looking to expand to other areas of the UK soon).

Jrny founders Nick & Vince

Nick & Vince
Co-founders @ Jrny

Meet our investors

We are proud to be supported by high-quality investors. This means you can have complete confidence in the model because when we’re backed by the best, so are you!

Our values

Radical transparency

The housing market may be an opaque black-box, but we at Jrny, operate transparently in our actions and decisions with all stakeholders. In short, we won’t bullshit you.

We win when you win

Jrny operates with a ‘customer first’ hat-on. We are empathetic to your plight of renting and ownership (the entire Jrny team is right where you are!) We’ll work together towards a solution you (and we) would use - only then do we consider it a success.

You’re in control

Renting and owning a home are one of the biggest financial decisions you will make. Our mission is to empower you, let you take control of your own journey, and give you the keys to create long-term value for yourself.

Want to be part of our ground-breaking team?

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