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Unlock your property’s full potential

Access thousands of vetted tenants in your area today.
Join the homeownership revolution with Jrny.


List your property
for free

Customers secure their choice with a 2% deposit, providing you higher protection than regular ASTs.

Secure the agreement

After selecting your home, we vet the tenant and finalise the agreement. They sign an AST and an option plan for Jrny's rent-to-own programme.

Enjoy consistent returns

Rent you receive increases annually at market rate, while customers prepare for homeownership.

Sell or relist

After 8 years, the tenant can buy the home at market price (no less than its initial value) or you can relist it for free.

Let Better


We offer a new way to let your home. A rent-to-own plan with 3-years of guaranteed rent, higher cash flows and thousands of pre-qualified tenants that treat your home right

Let Better

We offer a new way to let your home. A rent-to-own plan with 3-years of guaranteedrent, higher cash flows, and thousands of pre-qualified tenants that treat yourhome right


Unlock tenant excellence

Access thousands of high-quality tenants in your area that have great credit scores, a clean financial history and a strong desire to become (and act like) homeowners.

Enhance your returns

Fewer vacancies, reduced expenses - you receive higher cash flows and higher returns for your thriving investments.

Protect your wealth

6 months of rent vs. 6 weeks - stronger protection and security for investments
List your property today
List Your Property Today

The Math Stacks up


Whether you manage your own property, or out source it to agents, our program offers the lowest fee leakage,allowing you to generate the highest possible return for your property

The Math Stack up

Whether you manage your ownproperty, or outsource it to agents, our program offers the lowest fee leakage,allowing you to generate the highest possible return for your property

Managed by
Estate Agents


Annual rental income



(-) Management fee

£2,250 + VAT

£1,500 + VAT

(-) Maintenance fee



(-) Re-letting fee



(-) Annual vacancy



Effective Net Rent



Annual vacancy periods

~20 days

0 days



Q: What are you offering me ?

Enhance your buy-to-let experience with us. We facilitate a rent-to-own program that gives you the opportunity to list your properties for our high-quality tenants to choose and occupy. Jrny provides you with improved returns, enhanced wealth protection, and more reliable tenants.

Q: What is rent-to-own ?

Rent-to-own is a system enabling aspiring homeowners to lease a property from landlords like you, with the option to purchase it later within a predetermined timeframe (3 to 8 years with us). This plan is structured to allow tenants to accumulate sufficient savings for a deposit, enabling them to buy the home they are leasing from you at the lease's conclusion.

Q: How does the program work?

Our program extends over 8 years. Initially, tenants pay a 2% deposit of the home's value as their security deposit upon moving in. Throughout the lease duration, they pay rent, and we assist them in saving an additional 1% of the home's value annually. Rent paid to you is at market rate, which increases yearly. After the 3rd year, tenants have the option to purchase the home from you at a market price with a minimum threshold. This ensures the sale price cannot fall below a predetermined floor, safeguarding your financial interests. If the customer leaves before the year 3, they sacrifice their 2% deposit.

Q: Do I need to sell my home at the end of the lease?

Yes - before listing your property, you must agree to potentially sell it to the tenant at the lease's conclusion. This is subject to the tenant exercising the option to buy and saving enough during their time with Jrny to get a mortgage. If they choose not to exercise the option, you keep the property and can choose to re-list it with Jrny for free, or list it elsewhere!

Q: Do I still need an estate agent?

Nope – With Jrny, there's no need for a traditional letting’s agent. We manage the entire process, from finding and vetting tenants to overseeing lease agreements and facilitating the sale of your home.