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A Jrny partner working at a laptop

Jrny for landlords

A new way to let your home. Jrny's rent-to-own plan gives you 3-years of guaranteed rent, higher cash flows than normal BTLs and tenants that treat your home right.

How it works

  • List your home with us, completely for free and without commitment
  • Our pre-qualified customers choose your home on our platform
  • We'll facilitate all the contracts and the move-in process
  • Each month, earn a guaranteed rent - no strings attached
  • Each year, your rent get's adjusted upwards, like a normal AST
  • Between years 3 and 8, you can sell the home to the Jrny tenant at the current market price - no discounted sales or locked-in prices

    NOTICE: If you list your home with us during February, you'll earn a guaranteed £10 reward, redeemable in cash or Amazon Voucher.

Why become a Jrny landlord?

Thousands of pre-qualified tenants actively searching
Long-term tenants and lower agency fees
Higher monthly cash flows than normal buy-to-lets

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